Inventory Control Issues Solved

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Inventory Control Issues Solved

Post by Chris on Wed Mar 25, 2015 9:54 pm

We realize we have had inventory control issues on both the retail and wholesale sides of business. We have taken the initiative in fixing the problem, 1) we have increased the amount of inventory we plan to hold for both wholesale, and online sales. 2) we have strategically increased the inventory of top selling flavors such as Dragon's Blood, Juicy Peach, and Banana Cream(as well as others), to be able to withstand 2 months worth of orders opposed to the current and past levels. The previous levels we held could barely hold 2 weeks worth of inventory for our ever growing market. We hope that we can now withstand the full 2 months that we have calculated with the new inventory levels.

We still advise those who have a love for particular flavors to order the necessary juice when the restocked email is sent. This is only because you never know what will happen. We could again sell out even with what we calculated to be the optimal amount. To supplement that we have also added 120mL bottles, so for those of you who already know what you like, when the restock email comes out you will be able to order these new 120mL bottles for 44.99. To Pre-order, or put these bottles on hold PLEASE CONTACT US ASAP. we have already set aside MORE THEN HALF THE 120mL BOTTLES. if you do not contact us soon we cannot guarantee you a bottle.

Happy Vaping!

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